Purpose As Defined From the Couch

This is an experiment. I’m a blogger from the much slower, clunkier Xanga site and I’m looking for an upgrade. I’m also shuffling my priorities for what gets blogged and what doesn’t. I would say that I use writing as a self-therapy but it feels more like writing uses me. When that process works, I enjoy it more than anything; when it doesn’t, it’s excruciatingly frustrating. What gets published here will usually be a celebration of an image, something that I have enjoyed getting onto paper and then into this void of endless internet space. Occasionally there will be scribbles that I’m still frustrated with, but I don’t plan to make excuses for any of them. What I publish will be considered finished, with the constant possibility for tweaking and a slight chance for total renovation.

Maybe I should introduce myself more, although I will get the “about” page (called Relevance Unnecessary) up and running once I figure out how to manipulate the WordPress site (which, so far, runs much more smoothly and intuitively than Xanga). For now: I’m a college student in the mountains, and I’m still wrestling with what I want to do and who I want to be and how many cats is too many to own. I completely enjoy FOOD and try to cook different cuisines all the time. My favorite so far is Thai, but I also like foods from Central and South America and I have a cookbook from Eastern Europe that I’m about to dive into. Occasionally a post about food (last week mee krob was on the menu, and not only was it amazingly yummy, it was impressive to look at) might sneak into the poetry and story posts; if it does, I promise to post pictures but I can’t promise any smells.

I just found an “add media” button – very cool.

The thing that fascinates me and finds its way into my poetry most often is Change. I tend to understand things (concepts, images, even actual things) by comparing and contrasting. For example, the most beautiful part of night turning to day is when the sky begins to lighten and different colors fade into view and for a few minutes, the whole sky is colored with change. If the sky went straight from navy to light blue, I wouldn’t bother hiking up to tops of mountains at insanely early hours of the day to see it. If you already know me personally, you will probably have noticed this theme already. I will be posting many of the same poems, some revised, just in a different order. And there will be new ones as they come.

Also: I’m not good at wrapping posts up and saying goodbye. I’ll publish another post today with a poem as a Free Sample of what’s to come. Comments (constructive ones) are always welcome.

3 comments on “Purpose As Defined From the Couch

  1. If you ever need help with the nuts and bolts of wordpress, give us a shout. Both Laura and I are pretty familiar with the ins and outs.

  2. I love the way you just put it out there when talking about yourself – very natural and pleasant to read. Your observations of “change” and how it dances, momentarily, at certain times of the day rings true for me as well. Every day, life reveals a few of her beautiful secrets for those who take the time to see. And how fleeting those secrets can be!

    I’m really enjoying reading your work and look forward to new releases. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much. 🙂 Change and light are the things that sneak into my poems, all the time. I find them so beautiful. There is a new release coming soon, but it’s undergoing some feedback from my friends right now because there was a part I wasn’t sure about. Thanks! 😀

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