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Whipped Cream Waterfall

you can find me where the river hits the cliff and drops
or if you can’t, I still make it over
to the grocery because I’m runn-
ing out of whipped cream, so I’ll
see you there if you make a point
to notice me and we’ll exchange
pleasantries if I haven’t forgotten
them from living so long in the
heights – lucky for you, no one
will deliver whipped cream to
my cliff but somehow I never
run out (it’s high priority) and
probably because I never have
the chance to share – I wonder
what I would do if ever a guest
popped up at my door and I
had to feed them my whipped
cream because I haven’t been
to the grocery in so long that
there is nothing else in my fridge?

1/28/2010 – 8:45pm

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