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Time Waits For No Man

Picture the stream of Time as a current in a cold and barren ocean, thick with plankton and schools of fish and algae from warmer waters. Then pretend stars can be currents, and the marine life is subtly colored with beautiful light, and you can picture a swirling, ungainly current of Time running through the emptiness around it. Picture sticking your fingers into the current and creating spray and splash and redirection just as you would if you walked through a quick little stream that you know in the park. If you can picture liquid splashing stars and layers of light redirecting to flow around your fingers…then you will be seeing your own version of the image that inspired this poem.


All you have to do is look in the mirror.

Sun on the Books

The understanding found in Bookended, while imperfect to begin with, is found to be completely false. Darkness reigns and ledge-paths crumble into bottomless pits.


Dusty doubt found in patches of light.

The Wave

DO you want to risk it?

A Lament For Life

The true grief is that we each understand and make the scar on every present heart. Angles stark to fluid grace illuminate pain like a mirror twisted into shadows that usher effort into unraveling the bright and the beautiful into a bent and broken form: A language of motion that’s thinking all the darkest words […]

I See Them Mass Together



Purpose – raw love is bound and crafted with painstaking care.


Raw love.