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Death is in the glory, and blinding power reigns.
Brilliant light unguarded burns us in our stains.
Good so great is torment, yet Good must still remain:
Filthy garments fall away, naked in our shame.
Yet, we find the tears of Christ can shoulder every blame:
Before our own destruction, He loved us and He came.
Outside of Time, Creation bound: A veil was drawn across –
before we know how much we had, and all we had was lost.

Mercy gently stretched the veil and stars pricked boldly through
as needle-points of glory reflecting what is true.
Only living fervent life could show our death the way,
and only in the dark of night could all hearts long for day.
The beauty in a sunrise is captured in the change;
the song of every sunset is rampant weeping strange.
Tears of every color on upturned faces rain,
and there we are reminded of the sorrow with the pain.

Laughing with Creation, delighted to give grace,
Christ alone descended to uplift every face.
We see the colors in the tears that paint a sacred sky,
and quiet in amazement at the love that’s in His eyes.
Eternity pushed into Time and tore the binding veil:
Love emerged triumphant where efforts only fail.
The richest veil was sewn and torn while galaxies were strung,
for in that timeless instant was our Redeemer hung.

8/12/2009 – sister poem to Raw, daughter of I See Them Mass Together from 2008

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