I See Them Mass Together

They do not understand me
I am not fond of them
Their learned voices mock me
their empty eyes condemn
I stand beyond their grasping hands
they know not what they seek
If they knew the truth of me
their flesh and bones would reek
They spend their whole life dying
their dead breath on my neck
their fingers, they are trying
but are a mangled wreck
I see them mass together
voices angry in a shout
Their futile words rise upward
I hate them, drown them out
No matter what their effort
I can be owned by none
Their eyes may finally stretch and beg
as their deeds lie still undone
I cannot ever touch them
their thoughts are not my ways
They thrust against infinity
rattling their cage
Enraged they come to mock me
but know not where to turn
Enraged they scream their nonsense
and acid gazes burn
I feel their petty laughter
run circles in my head
I watch them while they’re living
and watch them when they’re dead.

11/24/2008 – ancestor of Purpose and Raw

4 comments on “I See Them Mass Together

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  3. Wonderful poem…I liked the imagery…in particular the phrase “their dead breath on my neck” Wow…that sent chills up the back of my neck!

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