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A Lament For Life

The true grief is that we each understand
and make the scar on every present heart.
Angles stark to fluid grace illuminate pain
like a mirror twisted into shadows
that usher effort into unraveling
the bright and the beautiful
into a bent and broken form:
A language of motion that’s thinking
all the darkest words but cannot force
to say them. Then the poetry becomes
humanity in its every reality, a surgery on the soul.
It’s anguish to watch because it’s anguish to live,
so we dance as a lament for life.

lamenting with hope

This was written as a response to the Martha Graham Dance Company’s “Lamentation” when they performed in North Carolina. The dance is much more moving in person, but the poem won’t quite make sense if you don’t see it, so here’s a youtube link:
The dance doesn’t actually start until 1:30, but the speaking at the beginning also adds to your empathy with the dancer.

One comment on “A Lament For Life

  1. I liked that you linked the video with the poem…it gave me a fuller perspective of the poem…so that the phrase ‘a surgery on the soul’ became even more powerful…thank you very much.

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