The Wave

We dash out all in eagerness and stand before the sea

Halted for a moment by what the mind perceives.

The swell beginning gradual and rising slower swells

Infinity together drops and smashes deafened bells.

But first, the crest, the standing-up, the over-arching tip;

A touch of white, a hint of foam, then suddenly it slips:

Forward bends the standing sea, and crouching forward leaps,

The challenge sounded in the fray resonates from the deeps.

Into the violent spray is shone a blazing summer sun

The blinding glare is multiplied a thousand times to one.

The tumult rages low and fierce in its rush upon the shore,

Sand is hurled in whirling brown driven to a core.

The rush can only leap so long; its anger sighs and shrinks.

The mild foaming flattens out, and part of it will sink.

Remaining glassy harmlessness will leave a foamy rim

Collapsing popping on the sand, the farthest-reaching limb.

We stand with towels and hear again the gathering offense;

We saw the ocean’s eager wave strip the land’s defense.

The remnant of the wave is spent, and pulls back to the sea;

But if you ask me now to play – I do not care for these.

sunrise at Vero Beach, FL


3/9/2009 (written after a beach visit in Florida when the waves were quite high)

2 comments on “The Wave

  1. I really like this one. I found myself swept away to an inner ocean beach somewhere listening to spent waves burbling towards me, on there way to kiss my toes.

    I’ll definately be reading more…great writing!

    inciteme 🙂

    oh, and…thanks for my own private little beach

  2. Thank you. 🙂 I’m glad it provided a vivid image. One of the other stories behind this one (the first just being a beach trip to Florida where there was some relatively high surf, at least in my limited experience) is that my dad was standing in surf so strong it broke his toe. We were on a family vacation and standing in where high waves hit the hand, then suck back outwards with that roaring sand…and my dad forced his feet to stay still! The retreat was so strong it broke his toe; it was all bruised and purply the rest of the trip. :-O

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