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Sun on the Books

You will find me in darkness
every night. Daylight dances
through my echo, quivering
as a prism on a string.
Sunshine holds me
in its halo, shining strong
and kind to a cracked and broken body.
Light reaches into my shadows
and weakens them, while it brushes
my skin and heals my tired mind.

But it dies, and I fade with it,
collapsing in on myself with fists
and heavy-lidded eyes. Cracks widen,
swallowing me into them,
deep black crevasses that yawn
raw and bleeding. The sun sinks
in the horizon and rainbows fade,
and my golden halo lengthens
on the floor till it blends
with the pool of shadow.
Darkness is my prison,
a cavern of careful paths
and crumbling edges
with only memories of stars
to hangĀ  over me,
to shield me from careening death.

3/23/2009 – sister poem to Bookended

One comment on “Sun on the Books

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