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Time Waits For No Man

Time waits for no man
so I will wait for Time
I’ll stand outside the constant stream
and float above the grime

I’ll watch the dying people
live with or without care
and hear their tears and talk
rise as babble in the air

I’ll listen to every life
that Time will ever know
their great minds of Tomorrow
built on those of long ago

All together, there at once
– they cannot fathom how –
distant future, ancient past
piled in the now

If I bend a little closer
I can just barely hear
the ticking of the clockwork hands
as they count away the years

I’ll dabble in eternity
my fingers in the stream
enjoying seconds on my skin
and meaning in a dream

I’ll know as every person
measures life by every breath
thinking they are quite linear
between their birth and death

I’ll never understand the love
in scouring the grime
because Time waits for no man
I will wait for Time.


One comment on “Time Waits For No Man

  1. Very nice…I like your writing style. I’m just starting out – you can find some of my writing at: http://inciteme.wordpress.com/


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