light prison, 
            cast your rainbows wide
                                       for as long as you hang
                                              you’re losing your name
                                                     and the light will escape outside.

11/10/2008      —     sister poem to Light Vibrato

4 comments on “Prism

  1. Very enlightening! I also like the cascading structure of your words…like a ray of light! Good job 🙂

    • Thank you! I have another poem that’s related that will be coming soon. At least, the two were written at the same time and I just re-discovered the old unpublished one when I posted Prism last night. Prism was hard to leave so short because there’s so much about it I want to say, so the next poem is more complete.

  2. […] 9/28/2008 — written during a houseboat trip to Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky with two families of friends. Sister poem to Prism. […]

  3. […] sister poem to Prism and Rose […]

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