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Rose Mirror

Each petal a mirror
this rose I hold
the outermost showing
sky etched with gold
the water around me
is a surface of glass
scree of reality
mirrored, held fast.In random perfection
the lake stretches out
reflecting the beauty
with ripples, my doubt
Rings of a droplet
spread and are gone
I pull off the fringe
and the rose carries on

Next layer of petals
is no great surprise
trapping the sunrise
the hope in wide eyes
The wind picks up
petals already told
drift away
into sky-burning gold

I lower my head
and breathe in its soul
it’s drawing me in
and cutting me whole
within the petals
rose heart surrounds
drawing me deep
and further down

I grasp for the rail,
the side of the boat,
afraid that a rose
may cease to float
This layer of petals
is stripped away
Shining out of the next
is radiant day

I slam my eyes shut
breath halts in my throat
the lake is afire
molten gold from my boat
With trembling fingers
those petals come out
my eyes slide open:
lake ripples with doubt

These inner petals
are smooth and cool
the mirrors, dark
and the reflections fool
Forgotten, I crumple
my eyes to stare
to watch the story unfold
with patient care

Impatient, I brush
these petals aside
to see veil and lace
of a single bride
I glance down, ashamed
my soul laid bare
but my eyes slide back
to the blushing fair

Quick to forget,
but longing to stay
the next row of petals
is a finger away
As those mirrors float
on a gentle wind
She steps into the arms
of a lifelong friend

These layers of petals
lie tight and close
the mirrors still true
in my priceless rose
bereft of its age
my rose is a bud
its old petals adrift
to get caught in the mud

I take a deep breath
to smell it again
the sweet, pure scent
pulls irresistibly in
That layer still burning
its joy on my lids
I take off the last
and unveil what is hid

In the last tier of petals
the mirrors of thought
I see them reflect
the battle fought
My breath caught again,
a tear’s surprised sting
for there, on my hand,
a wedding ring.

9/28/2008 — written during a houseboat trip to Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky with two families of friends. Sister poem to Prism.

One comment on “Rose Mirror

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