I wonder at the kind of self-choking humility
that some people can have. It really is a beautiful thing.
They will maim their pride and strangle embarrassment
and open themselves up to be truly better, fire-scorched
and honest people. They will allow themselves to become
desperate in the sight of someone else, even go as far as
to allow the tears to run down their cheeks, whether their
cheeks are soft and smooth or wrinkled with age. There is
a certain word that they display that no one values, and
that word is meekness. But it does not equal weakness.
Meekness is a much deeper strength, a long-lasting
declaration of humanity and the struggles therein.
It sweeps out and by honesty, builds a community
of humans committed to caring for each other as God
would care for us. It is the beautiful faith and willingness
to submit to admitting your struggles in the presence of
another being, who may not be perfect either.
And their imperfection makes the admittance scary,
but meekness strives for decorum and a peace
from doing something the hard way just so
it will be better later on down the road.
This is a beautiful, beautiful picture
of the body of the Church,
the bride of Christ
making sure it wears a white, white dress down the aisle.
If only it happened more often.


8/12/2008 – my first experiment with a shaped poem

3 comments on “Humble

  1. This layout squishes the top of the poem, so I may change to a layout that won’t squish the poems that need more space…but that will be a little later! For now, the top few lines are shifted over…

  2. Interesting shape, is that an urn, or candle stick holder perhaps? Nonetheless, is there not something in the bible that says,(paraphrasing) The meek shall inherit the earth. Thankyou for your wise words. 🙂

    • Originally it was a dress, but not the normal flowing cut. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dress. The candlestick holder is a great idea. Maybe that’s what it will be. 😛 The Bible quote you might be thinking of is the Sermon on the Mount, particularly Matthew 5:5 in the Beattitudes. Thanks for the read!

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