Ode to Sunshine Naps

This morning
was really hard to wake up.
I knew I’d be cold
but that I had to pull
the sun up from behind the hills
because I had signed up
to see this thing through.

I was cold,
but I was hot later,
so maybe that balances out?
So what if since I really enjoy life now,
my next few years will be really wretched?
And then
the rest of life, I’ll figure out
the balance.

I was lying on the deck
communing with my cat,
till she left (how like a cat),
so I watched the thin skin
on the inside of my elbow 
pulse with heartbeats.
The sun was so bright
the whole world darkened
except what I focused on,
and I thought maybe if my
focus was like the sun,
my priorities would appear in the darkness.
That would be nice to know
what they were.

Maybe I could use balance
as a funnel for my focus.
Except right now there’s a leak,
called work,
and I have to go do it.

My mother is calling
in sweet dulcet tones
to the phone. I need to tell her
that the phone doesn’t have a voice;
it just funnels them.
Maybe since I listened
to different balances before,
I can funnel my focus now?
7/24/2008, revised 4/1/2010

2 comments on “Ode to Sunshine Naps

  1. Very nice rythme and free flowing of words. Good job! 🙂

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