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Silhouette in Gold

bends around your silhouette
holds you in gold
into my vision
etched                                                  into my breath
into my blood
radiant light life joy
a                                                             sunrise

etched triumph

banishing shadows yet creating more.

West is where I wait for you
stars glitter with me there                       to cool and pale and collapse
beside your radiant
my eyes burn                                                engoldened silhouette
my lungs burn
my heart burns                                            violently beautiful achingly far

I’ll wait for you to set
where dark will hold you
as the light holds you, and I also
if you will only
sink into the horizon                                  reflect just a fracture

One comment on “Silhouette in Gold

  1. Formatting doesn’t work on the computer…and I’m tired of fixing it every time I change backgrounds! If you’d like the real thing, contact me and I’ll send you a word document or something.

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