(Been a little swamped…)

(Hello big world…)

(This entire post will be in parentheses because using parentheses is like telling secrets.) (It’s informing the reader of background information, something they wouldn’t know except for a small aside…) (…like a little girl whispering in someone’s ear on the playground, “I don’t go down the slide because I get wedgies.”)

(I never did appreciate metal slides for that reason.)

(I have been taking a Spanish class and it is from 8:40am to 12noon. Before 8:40am, I get up at 5:30 and go to swim with the county swim team by 6:30. Then, after class, I do homework.)

(Getting up at 5:30 every weekday requires me to be in bed by 9pm, Sunday through Thursday. I haven’t had time to release any of the phrases rattling around in my head.)

(However, the last day of the 5-week Spanish class is tomorrow, and I am turning right back around and leaving for a two-week vacation in a quiet cottage by a great big lake.)

(And I will have lots of time to tell stories and weave phrases into poems. 🙂 )

(There will be limited internet access, so if you’re the type of person who has ‘expectations’…expect something after July 11th, when I come back.)


2 comments on “(Been a little swamped…)

  1. (And I do apologize for this long dry spell.)

  2. I have low expectations. Have fun!

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