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Silence of the Mouth

You held me with your voice,
wrapping me with words
that matched your tone of love.
They led me to rejoice
every time I heard you speak anew.
Miles and mountains
and days of time
stood huge and long between us,
but if there was anything I knew
it was that you weren’t letting go
wouldn’t let go
would not let go
for you are fierce
and I am yours.

And then, while you were so far,
and I was wishing the days away
and praying us through the nights,
even then I would not have changed a thing.
For although your words were few
and far between,
every time you spoke it was to say,
“I love you” and I knew
a truer thing was never said.

Out of the abundance of the mouth,
the heart speaks

and your heart was never silent.
I found that the silence of the mouth
hurts far less
than the silence of the heart.


a happy girl


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