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My Delight

You are the sweet, clear spring air;
The summer breeze that lifts my hair.
In fall, you are the crackling leaves –
In winter, the sharp air I breathe.
When I survey a summer field
Swaying with a harvest’s yield
I see not merely ripened grains:
For You were in the softest rain
That grew all these, the oats and wheat;
You are the soil beneath my feet.
In snowy tundra, You are white,
Turning dusky blue at night.
In deserts, You are the sand
And the heat in shimmering bands.
You play the breezes through the woods
And I would join You, if I could.
You are the great and boundless sea
That lifts me up and carries me.

When I look into the sky
Your face is reflected in my eyes.
Wherever I look it’s You I see,
Smiling, holding, watching me.

If I were to climb the highest hill
And gaze around from top, I still
Could not see Your face complete.
Yet shining through this majesty,
I see a great and total love for me.

– 3/19/2007

The tree hasn't even put out any leaves yet.

Possibilities abound, come spring.


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