Painting the Sunrise

one dewdrop caught
light in perfect glint
concentrated into a point
on a waxy green leaf

east edged clouds
sewn pearly-grey hemmed
fading back to
dusky purple shreds behind

still trying to sleep
in navy blue closing out stars
as the east
drags the west awake

the horizon’s lined with white
that sighs into a fragile
eggshell blue above the trees

never the same way twice
a million different dewdrops
more gold than diamond
sharing pinpoints of morning

the sun folds up the night
and reaches
forewarning the blaze of day
and inviting, inviting

share in the first few moments
of pouring life
in everything
it touches

rose petal sky blooms
just traced in broad brush strokes
because there is never
too much anticipation.

clouds caught gold
a dip in the horizon
melting into a deep orange
reflected in the first dewdrop

flinging light back and forth to each other
shouting in color their fierce joy
in the sunrise drifting upwards
light pouring across the navy blue

and there is more to see.
always, in the light,
there is more to see
in rich painted color.

light probes the dew
and cast shadows
into places where darkness
rested through the night

fingers of night lose grip
and the painting
goes wild
into the light.

~ 6/23/2009 my last sunrise in Costa Rica

Summer 2009

such a beautiful morning...

2 comments on “Painting the Sunrise

  1. This is so beautiful, Faye!!! Yes, the Son does fold up the night and there is more to see, always in the light more to see!

  2. I’m glad you like it, and you get it…watching sunrises is definitely worship for me.

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