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Whisper to me, sweetheart – News edition.

– Because that’s the name of a poem starting to pseudopod its way around my head and scrape the inside of my skull.

– Because I love when children stage-whisper to me and think their mother is deaf.

– Because I love hearing what my mother thinks is scandalous.

– Because my dad has never whispered to me without making the “ssssppssssppssss” noise that tickles my ear.

– Because you’re a friend to me when you trust me with something you wouldn’t say right out loud.

– Because in my case it’s often the calm before the storm, and after.

– Because it makes you lean close to me, sweetheart.

– Because you pour the best of yourself into me when you’re saying something you want only me to hear, sweetheart.

– Because it makes me lean into you, sweetheart.

– Because it usually ends with a kiss (of course, just a mere coincidence of proximity), sweetheart.








We’re loving the married life. People are already asking us if the honeymoon phase is over. No, no, no, it’s only been a few weeks! We’ve been married for two months on last Friday (the 15th of July) – time is already flying by. Josh works 40 hours a week, and I have 30-50 swim lessons a week (only 31 this week). That’s been the hardest part to get used to – it sounds so silly, but I’m thinking, “Wait, I haven’t had my summer yet, where I have days on end with no one to worry about but ME.” (Josh laughs at me, but nicely.) I’m still happy as a cat when I’m in sunshine, and Josh has bought me dahlia plants at the Farmers’ Market the past two Saturdays (one makes dahlias bigger than your face – well, depending on your face), and I went on a walk with a frolicky dog and a grown-up sister…so I have caught glimpses of what I am used to summer being. I just have these expectations for summer that I’m just discovering, and it’s rather disconcerting.

I had no idea how blessed I was with family until I was married, and found a double blessing in HIS family too. I had no idea how tight a church family can wrap its arms around you until I married Josh, and people started greeting us at church as our own family. I had no idea how much I really did want kids until I started doing swim lessons with so many, and I can’t find a kid I don’t like!

Josh and I have spent a few evenings down on the rock in the river ten steps beneath our deck, letting our feet hang in the water so the tiny fish can nibble on them or do whatever they do (it’s very tickly – you have to hold your breath). The beavers aren’t back at Old John’s River Road this year, which is a real bummer, because I hadn’t gotten to show Josh yet.

I’m not ready to go back to school yet. I love school, I hate being a student. I am so ready to go soak up cool KNOWLEDGE again, but I soooo don’t want to sacrifice my evenings with Josh to evenings with homework. Highly undesirable.

We go to bed around nine o’clock. No, seriously, and we’re honestly asleep very soon after. Getting up every morning at five thirty begins to force you to do that by putting lead weights on your eyelids around eight o’clock. You’re just starting to think about a movie…and it’s time to go to bed.

Like right now. I’m ready to crash. 🙂



One comment on “Whisper to me, sweetheart – News edition.

  1. Beautiful, Faye. Just beautiful.

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