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#1 – #10

1. random texts from Josh from two hours before I’m even awake

2. feeding “real” crickets to the dragon [instead of store-bought ones…wild ones are much crunchier]

3. Driggs’ teddy bear head

4. air conditioning

5. a missions team that’s back home safely

6. newsletter templates

7. people working together

8. two hours to do nothing

9. learning the ability to do NOTHING even though I could make up a dozen little chores for myself

10. the gumption to begin writing thank-you cards this evening

*This beginning of a list of thankfulness is an attempt to bless the Lord in the day-to-day things. The inspiration for simply typing it up and putting it out there comes from Ann Voskamp, a beautiful writer who writes about eucharisteo in her book, http://onethousandgifts.com/, and on her blog, http://www.aholyexperience.com/. (It was her blog where Josh and I discovered David Nevue, the amazing pianist that I got music from for our wedding, http://www.davidnevue.com/.)


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