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posture of my heart

rigid, uptight, worried, tense hiding crouched behind the fence I built with my own two hands with every heartbeat blood and doubt swirl behind my angry shout that I’m worth as much as any man I am a hunchback, deep inside failing even the misplaced pride to which I hold myself bent and bitter beneath […]

In Pursuit of the Goal

This is a sequel to “The Inn of the Basilica”, which is itself not the beginning. The beginning is still to be written, because beginnings are so hard. This is a long time coming, but I like Christy (who writes in first-person) enough as a character to not want to force her to do anything she wouldn’t do anyway. So you get to learn a little more about Clare (who writes in third person) and Christy will come back after Clare figures out why she’s actually on this trip.