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A favorite poem from John Piper


For me, the question of what happened to a marriage covenant upon the death of a spouse was (is) an important one. I felt like I needed a satisfactory answer before I could begin a serious relationship with my now-husband. There was lots of fear of dealing with his death, or leaving him behind; and I wanted concrete details about what marriage would be like after both of our deaths. I believed vows would continue, but vaguely – and I never did find any concrete details. (Where’s the fun in that? 🙂 The more I live, the more I see a process instead of a product.) Instead, God gave me peace in that He, and His grace, would always be enough, and that He was good and would not end or continue marriage after death in a way that was not best for me and my spouse. That was enough to step over the line into engagement, and marriage has been the happiest daily “yes” I have ever given.

The poem in the link above is from John Piper, to his wife Noel, for their thirtieth anniversary. I discovered it several months ago and found grace and peace in its answers – and acknowledgment of the lack of answers – as well. If you listen to it read aloud, it’s over eight minutes long, or you can just read it yourself – either way, it is worth the time to soak in the words.

My favorite lines:

“Though we be like angels crying,
‘Holy,’ round the throne above,
There will be more beauty flying
For the triumphs of our love.”

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