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Pit Stop: An Eco-Friendly Toilet

The rumors you have heard are true –
it happened as they say.
It was an ill omen for all
for it took place on New Year’s Day.

None suspected, no one thought
such a tragedy occurred.
It was not unlike a thief in the night
that no one could have heard.

We heard the roar, the swirling rush –
but no one could discern
if we were saving Planet Earth
or yelling “Burn, baby, burn!”

The confession yielded lesser guilt,
but we all shared in the shame.
Our pity was still absolute
for flushing is no game.

It was a quiet panic
from a helpless-feeling heart:
“It was too late! All was gone!
I hope the sewer’s smart!”

Yes, we will survive them,
these rumors that are true –
but there’s no easy “moving on”
after pressing “one” when it needed “two.”

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