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Be At Peace

Be at peace, because I AM.
This suffering and grief was shouldered by the Lamb
before your birth. All that you have faced
is known to me, and never has my grace
run out or failed. Your life is precious,
your soul yet more! These fires rage but bless.
How could you know the depth and width of love?
I closed the Garden’s gates but reigned above.
I walked with you from Garden’s cool
to the searing desert and murky pool,
where you burned and drank of all that made you ill.
I walked with you through valleys deep and still,
and upheld your face when cancer leeched
through your cousin and reached
your grandfather’s spine. I walked with you
when you turned and fled when you found you could not do
anything that mattered. I have claimed you as mine
and held you close, and this is my design:
To be the love and strength you cannot show,
and the glory you cannot know,
and the justice in a world that groans
for mercy’s healing. Struggling to walk alone
in death’s relentless march can end: Come and rest.
The bitter work of payment has made you more than blessed.
Child, do not curse your life in fear –
Be at peace. I am here.


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