About The Author

“Forgiveness comes through a life relinquished, but that life is not the sinner’s own.”
~Dr. R. B.


The author’s words for self right now:

Deeply in love



Completely scatterbrained

I live in mountains and hope that never changes. I’m covered in precious blood and want to live in such a way that renews and refreshes life around me.  I like [certain] candles and roses plus dahlias and the way my husband digs femininity out of my heart without ever letting me trade myself for candles or flowers or pink in general. As for blogging, and especially poetry: Punctuation is very important but should be used as the architecture, not necessarily the structure.

being around water makes me happy

happy at one of the Great Lakes

2 comments on “About The Author

  1. […] I should introduce myself more, although I will get the “about” page (called Relevance Unnecessary) up and running once I figure out how to manipulate the WordPress site (which, so far, runs much […]

    • Ha..ha..so true, so true – had some problems with my site today – just wanted to move some comments from my “about me” page to another page -but the tools today for some reason were hung over I guess – refused to budge – so I had to delete the comments (there retrievable) to finish what I was doing. Doesn’t the machine understand that there are ideas at stake here! :)…lol

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