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Common Threads In The Writings

I don’t usually write in series, but some poems are ‘sister’ to each other in theme. If I post a poem that I think is particularly linked to another, I will provide a link to its sister poem in the post. However, each poem is written to stand alone. I tend to use whatever style lends itself to what I’m writing, so even if the poems are linked, their styles may be very different. (A good example of this is Raw and Purpose). There will be common threads that run through several poems but that don’t necessarily make them sisters. I would be interested in hearing what threads the reader finds in whatever they read.

Also, I’m not posting these in order of when I’ve written them because I’m just not that organized. 🙂 On top of that, sometimes I scribble something down and then leave it for several months while other things get written and posted. The incubation stage for some poetry is longer than others and so the actual timeline gets a bit messy.

Speaking of messy, I might also get formatting errors if I’m messing with the theme of this site or just don’t notice that the poem doesn’t fit into its carefully allotted space. If that happens, let me know and I will figure out some way to fix it! Some poems DO have weird spacings, though, and it is part of their design.

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