Poetry from me

Depression from inside

I am only smiling at you because my cheeks are locked in this habit of baring my teeth, and it would take more energy than I possess to drop the wall that’s holding me together. Behind the smile I am an absence: Not darkness, just an absence of light. Darkness can be fought; Absence doesn’t […]

I Pray

A prayer for God to continue drawing me to Himself.


A brief prayer for when I cannot even think of new words to pray, but I know He is still there, still listening, still loving.


I hate small talk.

Fully Man

Incredible to think that God sent His Son to live as one of us, and not as a king, but as a normal guy who had a pretty rough run of it!


Instructions for writing my obituary.


This heartbreak is not yoursalone to bear. Lean in closer forthe light of hope, the whisper ofsimple quiet love.Blood flows free so truth can cleanthe wound, and silence bringsa still small voice teachingjoy and love, reachingin to clean your wounds and strifeand offering instead a lifeof walking into healing.Betrayal’s unyieldinggrip is all you have to […]