Relevance Unnecessary


51. easy registration for next semester’s classes 52. next semester is the LAST semester 53. I have no labs next semester! 54. cardiac classes – all of them 55. professors who look like my dad 56. drawing pictures of skydiving on tests – for credit 57. feeling better after skipping school from illness 58. having […]

All Quiet on the…Floridian…Front

I’ll be back soon…promise!


the growing list of thankfulness


*The continuing saga of the commitment to thankfulness…my grandmother passed away on March 5th. She was greatly loved and loving. 31. she came home to go home 32. she told me she loved me at least a few dozen more times, and I told her I loved her at least a few dozen more times 33. her […]

Sarah Kay: “If I should have a daughter…”

Take a listen.




11. The beginning of September, my favorite month of the year. 12. sudden free potato chips 13. being a one-car family 14. being a FAMILY 15. Mom’s ready hugs 16. freshly-washed blackboards at school 17. health psychology students playing CEOs, attorneys, politicians, and doctors in a mock attempt to change the healthcare system 18. outie […]

early morning grace

Sorry I was such a prickly pear this morning.

#1 – #10

A list of thankfulness.

Whisper to me, sweetheart – News edition.

– Because that’s the name of a poem starting to pseudopod its way around my head and scrape the inside of my skull. – Because I love when children stage-whisper to me and think their mother is deaf. – Because I love hearing what my mother thinks is scandalous. – Because my dad has never […]