Surprise! Your body made a baby. You’re a god-blest god-damn 3-D printer With no instruction manual. This is the oldest profession, This motherhood thing, So we’re all experts. We assume you know what’s coming for you: What is digging into your shoulders already: The taste of the helpless mortality you face, Near-death to bring forth […]

John 8:1-11

Despite the boredom of daily chores, she enjoyed fetching the water.  Reaching down in the cool abyss grew sweeter as the morning grew hotter.  The well breathed a peaceful chill that begged a soul to stay,  so she gladly drank long and deep to relieve the heat of the day. . She was completely unprepared  […]


Scorched earth splits to let one fragile stem breathe. It pushes frail into the sun, yet stands against the teeth of heat and wind as if it has lived a thousand years.  Such an unexpected gift could hardly flourish here –  but it sustains, and bit by bit it lifts a leaf into the mourning […]


I live in the dusk, A half-shadow embracing me With grey fingers. I walk in the evening,  A dim twilight barely showing The shape of things.  Stillness swallows tears, Blunting them like falling snow  In a mantle over me. My words stop at my lips, Hushed before I hear them, Stagnant on my tongue. . […]

Breathe In

“My soul finds rest in God alone-” But you’ve given me a yearning that fills my chest with heated stones  and sets my lungs to burning . In Out Each breath adding to the flame And when I call upon your name you answer with more doubt . Why does faith require blindness? I try, […]


Mirrors make the best walls. This rot will spread: My bones will lie bleached before you and your sorrow will pay my debt. . This is why I’m gone: To owe nothing to anyone. I am weary, let me rest.  . It’s you or me,  and I love you and hate myself, so the choice […]

Still Life #1

There are a few moments burning behind my eyes, set as anchors between the muddle of everyday memories. Most blur into each other and meld into this impression of life as I lived it, but a few moments remain, hooking me back to their time. I laid my baby in his crib. His forehead was […]