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Helping Photos

This page is for photos that seem to have a little poetry in them. All these are taken by me or someone in my immediate family (and when that occurs, I’ll give credit!). Mostly I will only post sunrise and sunset pictures (otherwise I’d swamp the blog), but sunrise and sunset pictures are among the most poignant that are possible to compose. Something in me can’t help but respond to such majesty. Some sunrises are gentle as they introduce the day, and some sunsets are so dramatic as they end it that it takes my breath away. I would watch them everyday if I could.

The title of this page is “Helping Photos” because sometimes I think they are behind – in some form or fashion – every word in my poetry, so if you see them, maybe you will gain a better understanding of the poem. I don’t pretend to know exactly what I mean in every poem (which may be a working contradiction), but usually when I look at some of these sunrises or sunsets, I understand more.

That said, here are some personal photos that don’t have a particular category:

One comment on “Helping Photos

  1. I clicked “like” on some of your photos, but like really doesn’t convey how impressed I am by the images. Can there be a “blown away” button?

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