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Instructions for writing my obituary.

Prodigal Son III: Love

Love The father stood outside the door In day’s last reaching shadow. The fig tree just beyond was more than tired, drooping low. All he had been praying for had still not come to pass, and there was no way to ignore his son did not have long to last. Then a servant cried out, […]


51. easy registration for next semester’s classes 52. next semester is the LAST semester 53. I have no labs next semester! 54. cardiac classes – all of them 55. professors who look like my dad 56. drawing pictures of skydiving on tests – for credit 57. feeling better after skipping school from illness 58. having […]

Whisper to me, sweetheart – News edition.

– Because that’s the name of a poem starting to pseudopod its way around my head and scrape the inside of my skull. – Because I love when children stage-whisper to me and think their mother is deaf. – Because I love hearing what my mother thinks is scandalous. – Because my dad has never […]