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Growing Pains

Fuming over being forever relegated to the backseat. Since then, I have gotten my own car, and (predictably) the problem of being squished in the back took care of itself.


Living a grateful life.


A cry for genuine community.

Time Waits For No Man

Picture the stream of Time as a current in a cold and barren ocean, thick with plankton and schools of fish and algae from warmer waters. Then pretend stars can be currents, and the marine life is subtly colored with beautiful light, and you can picture a swirling, ungainly current of Time running through the emptiness around it. Picture sticking your fingers into the current and creating spray and splash and redirection just as you would if you walked through a quick little stream that you know in the park. If you can picture liquid splashing stars and layers of light redirecting to flow around your fingers…then you will be seeing your own version of the image that inspired this poem.