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Fully Man

Incredible to think that God sent His Son to live as one of us, and not as a king, but as a normal guy who had a pretty rough run of it!


just a quick memory that means so much to me

Trees In Winter

winter haircuts are cold


*The continuing saga of the commitment to thankfulness…my grandmother passed away on March 5th. She was greatly loved and loving. 31. she came home to go home 32. she told me she loved me at least a few dozen more times, and I told her I loved her at least a few dozen more times 33. her […]

Painting the Sunrise

watching a glorious sunrise


The only proof that the glass was almost knocked over is the way the light beams dance as the cream re-settles.


Learning to love sacrificially. Learning to seek the other.

My Delight

From a time when I was seeing God’s hand on, in, and through everything, and reveling in it.

Silence of the Mouth

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…