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I Pray

A prayer for God to continue drawing me to Himself.


A brief prayer for when I cannot even think of new words to pray, but I know He is still there, still listening, still loving.


Instructions for writing my obituary.

Prodigal Son III: Love

Love The father stood outside the door In day’s last reaching shadow. The fig tree just beyond was more than tired, drooping low. All he had been praying for had still not come to pass, and there was no way to ignore his son did not have long to last. Then a servant cried out, […]

Prodigal Son: Scorn

The first poem in a trilogy about the Prodigal Son.


What we lost we left the Garden…


just a quick memory that means so much to me


A scribble I found in a notebook from before class…

For You

For my sweetheart.

A favorite poem from John Piper

http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/poems/for-noel-on-our-30th-wedding-anniversary For me, the question of what happened to a marriage covenant upon the death of a spouse was (is) an important one. I felt like I needed a satisfactory answer before I could begin a serious relationship with my now-husband. There was lots of fear of dealing with his death, or leaving him behind; […]