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51. easy registration for next semester’s classes 52. next semester is the LAST semester 53. I have no labs next semester! 54. cardiac classes – all of them 55. professors who look like my dad 56. drawing pictures of skydiving on tests – for credit 57. feeling better after skipping school from illness 58. having […]

All Quiet on the…Floridian…Front

I’ll be back soon…promise!


A scribble I found in a notebook from before class…

Whisper to me, sweetheart – News edition.

– Because that’s the name of a poem starting to pseudopod its way around my head and scrape the inside of my skull. – Because I love when children stage-whisper to me and think their mother is deaf. – Because I love hearing what my mother thinks is scandalous. – Because my dad has never […]

I have a honeymoon on the horizon.

excitement at the start of a new beginning