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Prodigal Son III: Love

Love The father stood outside the door In day’s last reaching shadow. The fig tree just beyond was more than tired, drooping low. All he had been praying for had still not come to pass, and there was no way to ignore his son did not have long to last. Then a servant cried out, […]

For You

For my sweetheart.

In Pursuit of the Goal

This is a sequel to “The Inn of the Basilica”, which is itself not the beginning. The beginning is still to be written, because beginnings are so hard. This is a long time coming, but I like Christy (who writes in first-person) enough as a character to not want to force her to do anything she wouldn’t do anyway. So you get to learn a little more about Clare (who writes in third person) and Christy will come back after Clare figures out why she’s actually on this trip.

Painting the Sunrise

watching a glorious sunrise


The only proof that the glass was almost knocked over is the way the light beams dance as the cream re-settles.


Written during a migraine, expressing the pain of every little practical thing.

Ode to Sunshine Naps

Stream of consciousness.